Winners of the best startup prize at the IBM Ecosystems Summit 2019

At TheLogicValue, we have been formally recognized with the best startup of the year award in the IBM Ecosystems Summit 2019, which was organized by IBM the multinational technology company. This recognition highlights the pioneering developments in artificial intelligence through the IBM Watson technology that we have implemented in the financial sector.

Since 2017, we have been studying and linking the new advances in artificial intelligence with our digital platform that provides financial information on assets and portfolio management. “Our priority has been to unite our financial brain with the cognitive systems that artificial intelligence allows,” explains our CEO, Lorenzo Garcia Tamarit. From this conjunction we created Julia, our virtual financial assistant able to personally interact with the user and provide information about stocks, indexes, funds, ETFs, fixed income bonds and model investment portfolios. In addition, it provides opinions on financial assets, recommendations on portfolios adjusted to risk profiles and currency evolution. Our virtual assistant can be customized to suit the companies needs and create their personal solution, which includes adapting risk parameters, products, services and more.

As a result of the knowledge we have acquired about IBM Watson technology for the development of virtual assistants, we have been able to continue to carry out different R&D processes for the financial sector. In our opinion, virtual assistants will change the way in which banks and financial entities interact and communicate with their customers, lowering costs and streamlining processes.

In conclusion, the possibilities we identify with artificial intelligence are endless. At TheLogicValue, we look for its most efficient use in our products and services to best fit the needs of our B2B customers.