Virtual financial advisors, the new era of digital channels in the financial sector

The current pandemic has shown the need to create communication and service channels with customers, beyond physical spaces, for when, for reasons of schedule or time, customers cannot go to financial institutions or when any other impediment such as COVID limit your mobility.

Among these digital channels, virtual financial advisors stand out, whose implementation has accelerated in the financial sector.

This new level of innovation and digitization is here to stay and deepen beyond being a novelty product as a result of the physical restrictions of the pandemic.

Financial entities have learned that beyond emergency situations, they need to have new channels of communication with their customers to serve them, advise them and facilitate access to their services and products, 24/7/365 channels, which allow the customer to have their time without being conditioned by office hours, so that they can carry out the queries, transactions or banking operations they need at the time of day or week that best suits them.

Virtual financial advisors like the ones at TheLogicValue meet all of these goals. Based on Artificial Intelligence from a responsive web support and through multiple channels (web, whatsapp, sms, Facebook, app, etc …) in a conversational way and with deep financial knowledge, they automate processes and digitize the services of financial entities and companies for sure, helping them in their full digitization.