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Objective, independent analysis to tackle MiFID II and Unbundling

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What is MiFID II?

The MiFID II Directive seeks to ensure that advice follows a traceable, impartial and transparent method.

This regulatory change requires independence and objectivity. The investor must be able to understand what the recommendations received from the advisor are based on.

What is Unbundling?

As a consequence of MiFID II, separation of payments for performing purchases or sales, and analysis, will be compulsory.

The upshot of this is that from 3 January 2018, the Research payment cannot be included with other brokerage services.

Independent analysis is required to comply with the new regulations

TheLogicValue provides you with tools to make compliance with MiFID II easier, thus improving financial advisors’ analysis capacity.


Valuation of companies based on their fundamentals

Objectivity Valuation of companies based on their fundamentals

TheLogicValue’s powerful valuation algorithm offers a target price based on six fundamental variables.

This makes it possible to value a company in a totally objective way and create your own scenarios.

Analysis of portfolios with shares, bonds and funds

ResearchAnalysis of portfolios with shares, bonds and funds

By creating mixed portfolios we analyse the yield and volatility data for the investment as a whole.

The portfolio-related news system notifies the advisor of any event relevant to a client.

Registro automático de informes para afrontar MiFID II

Reporting Automatic recording of report generation

The system records the date and time the documents were created, thus simplifying traceability of the advice.

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