TheLogicValue designs applications for financial advisors and banking employees.

TheLogicValue is an innovation designed to facilitate investment decisions for financial institutions, family offices, EAFIs and private banking professionals, among others.

This formula, available in six languages, emerged after years of study and analysis of figures by our CEO, Lorenzo Garcia. With his experience in private banking, he was able to create a fundamental analysis algorithm based on the cash flow discount model and the valuation by multiples with mathematical properties more powerful than both models individually thus, allowing to generate their own scenarios and productivity solutions. By using this tool, you can get a more complete and informed view of the markets and stock index.

“Investors, professionals, financiers or scholars of the valuation of assets, can find the application in Google Play and on the Apple Store. Currently the app is available in Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese, depending on the language the user has downloaded on their smartphone. It has more than 900 companies and indexes analyzed from more than 12 countries for professional versions, where users can modify the variables and generate their own scenarios,” commented the expert professor in macroeconomics, Garcia.

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