ESG Regulatory Compliance

The European Commission’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan aims to help redirect capital towards sustainable companies and activities, preventing ‘greenwashing’ in investments. Its main pilars, the EU Sustainable Finance and Taxonomy Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), will obligate investment firms, asset managers and other market participants to expand information disclosure.

Solution A4C Risk

Designed to control taxonomic alignment of investments and projects, whether or not they must comply with the obligation of non-financial reporting directive (NFRD), applying taxonomic requirements according to the NACE code of the companies. It allows the automated control of investments and regulatory information according to EBA and EIOPA criteria.

Solution A4C SFDR

Designed for managers of investment funds, pension plans or portfolios belonging to the banking and insurance sector. The A4C-SFDR solution, integrated with a global data provider such as REFINITIV, makes it possible to efficiently meet SFDR requirements by importing portfolios to the platform.