About us

  • TheLogicValue is a Fintech that offers B2B solutions to organizations looking to digitize and automate businesses and processes in the financial field. The company has its main focus on financial institutions and insurance companies, while supporting organizations from related industries.

  • We are technological partners of financial and insurance institutions that we accompany in their digitization, we boost business and financial processes by making them more efficient and scalable.

  • Our team of professionals have a multidisciplinary and multicultural profile, with vast experience in the field of IT and technological developments, as well as great expertise in financial markets.

Cutting-edge and powerful solutions

Financial virtual assistant

Communication channel based on AI technology which enables transactions and helps clients digitization

ESG regulatory compliance

Analyze and align ESG variables form companies with European taxonomic guidelines and SFDR


Set of tools for reporting and analysis, using financial algorithms for stocks, funds and pension plans