1st Place in Planeta Chatbot Awards 2018

In order to reward all those initiatives and companies that are betting on the introduction of conversational technology for their companies, Planeta Chatbot has granted the Spanish-speaking market awards.

For the selection of the winners of Planet Chatbot Awards 2018 in 3 different categories, there has been a jury composed of nine worldwide judges from IBM, Oracle, Capgemini, Chatbot Chocolate and Gartner.

Thanks to the intense and constant work developed by our team during this last year, TheLogicValue has obtained the first prize in the startups category. The creation of our chatbot Julia translates in a change for the way the financial sector Works. Involving technology in the day to day of the professionals, earns time and accuracy, which translates into greater efficiency on tasks.

This precise award has been granted for “our innovative and Pioneer project in the sector.” Thanks to our arrival, both entities and advisors can build conversations to discover interests from their clients taking into consideration the interactions received and implementing solutions that adapt to their intentions and desires.