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Company valuation for investors

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You will have quality valuations to enable you to get the most out of your investments. Anytime, anywhere through your phone.

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Company valuation for professionals

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You will always have reliable reference data to hand. You can use your criteria to create your own valuation scenarios and share them.

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Connect your advisors more closely to analysts and improve regulatory compliance and trust within your team. Your clients will notice the quality and transparency.

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Fast and reliable valuations

Always have good reference data to hand and create your own valuations
by changing the variables our model is based on

Compare your valuations

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Share your valuations

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Global index valuation

Global indexes

See the valuation of the main stock market indexes in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.

What are the core variables?

TheLogicValue produces valuations based on six variables. You can create your own valuations by setting these variables' values based on your judgment or see the valuations that TheLogicValue offers its Premium users.

1 EPS Estimate

Estimated earnings per share for the next 12 months. Profits after tax divided by the number of shares.

2 Debt/Market Cap

The ratio between the company's net debt and its stock market capitalisation, which is its share price multiplied by the number of shares.

3 Equity Risk Premium

The return above that provided by the safest asset, which the investor in shares wants to achieve. It differs by country but tends to be around 2.5% to 4.5%.

4 Sovereign Bond

The average of the interest rate for 10-year public debt, its historic average for the last 10 years, and the central bank's nominal growth target.

5 Unlevered Beta

This is a measurement of the company's sector risk because it does not take the company's leverage into account.

6 EPS LT Growth Estimate

This is the growth rate in earnings per share we estimate the company will have in the long term. It depends on current expectations and can be positive or negative.

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